Relaunch Date: October 20, 2023
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There is no doubt that a job as a civil servant at any level still remains a highly attractive career option in today's employment landscape. Most graduate students aspire to work as civil servants, but very few get this opportunity and they are the ones who successfully qualify the civil services examination conducted by UPSC. Hence, a pertinent question arises—what determines the success of students in the civil services examination—the innate talent of students or their efforts towards the goal?

The cutting-edge research in neuroscience; cognitive psychology; and real-life experiences have clearly established that persons' excellence or success in any field is the result of their deliberate efforts of learning and development rather than their innate talent or IQ. Similarly, success in the civil services examination (CSE) is not determined by the innate talent or IQ of students.

The civil services examination (CSE) is a purpose-driven examination to select the most suitable candidates for civil service. It is a time of role-based civil service. Therefore, UPSC is improving its recruitment process to select candidates best suited for a role-based civil service. Consequently, it is increasing the complexity and uncertainty of the civil services examination to emphasize testing candidates’ depth of understanding of the real world (Right knowledge), Higher-order skills (core intellectual competencies), and positive attitude toward public service (Right Attitude). These qualities and competencies are fundamental for capacity building and outstanding performance of civil servants in the 21st century.

Therefore, to succeed with a high rank in today’s civil services examination (CSE), students must strive to understand and acquire relevant and high-quality knowledge (Right Knowledge) and develop their Higher-order skills (core intellectual competencies), and positive attitude toward public service (Right Attitude).

Any student can gain the knowledge, Higher-order skills, and attitude necessary for outstanding performance in today’s civil services examination in 10 to 12 months by understanding and using the three key factors of high performance. The three key factors of high performance are -

  1. Strategic approach: playing-to-win strategy
  2. The science of learning and the best practices: fast and effective learning outcomes
  3. The ability to sustain attention: the ability to focus or conc. for long enough.

Programme Aim

The core objective of "Higher Level Orientation Programme" is to empower students to create a qualitative difference in their preparation for today’s civil services examination so that they can achieve their desired success in the exam in less time and effort. It will minimize their struggle and suffering.

"Higher Level Orientation Programme" is an orientation programme for today’s civil services examination. We have designed this programme as elaborately as possible. However, it is not feasible to include learning by doing and deliberate practices (such as project-based learning, real-life case studies, formative and summative assessments), a private discussion forum, and asking relevant questions facility etc. in the programme as students are not required to register to watch this programme. We believe that the students who aspire to achieve outstanding performance (high rank in less time) in today’s civil services examination will benefit from this programme.


Learning Objectives

This Programme will -

  • Provide students clarity about today’s civil services examination (the civil services examination in the era of a role-based civil service) and the actual competition level faced by candidates in this exam.
  • Make them aware and understand the three key factors of high performance i.e. strategic approach (playing-to-win strategy), the science of learning and the best practices (fast and effective learning outcomes), and the ability to sustain attention (ability to focus or conc. for long enough).
  • Strengthen their capabilities to pursue high performance in today’s civil services examination.

Note- Students can watch "Higher Level Orientation Programme" anytime anywhere. There is no need for any registration to watch this programme. They can directly watch lecture videos of this programme by selecting the "Start Learning" button or any lecture of the module on the “Schedule” page. These lecture videos will run on the ptsx online platform and will also be available on the YouTube channel of the ptsx. (

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The Civil Service Programme (CSP) Batch 05 is open to join.


UPSC CSE | Batch 05 is open to join.

Civil Service Program (CSP)

Transform yourself for a career in today's role-based civil service.

The most advanced program to gain knowledge, Higher-order skills, attitudes, and values necessary for outstanding performance in today's civil services examination.

Fee: 30,000 35,400 (Incl. GST)

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