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Account Basics

Program for Transforming Students (ptsx) is founded with two cardinal objectives - the first is to transform students into the most suitable candidates for higher civil services of the 21st century (the era of a Role-based civil service) to enable them to achieve their desired success (High Rank in Less Time) in the civil services examination, and the second is to empower students through increasing access to our high-quality courses and programs for everyone everywhere without barriers of cost or location and enable them to learn on their own terms.

The ptsx Honor Code, together with the ptsx's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are agreements between you and the ptsx. By using the online platform, you are agreeing to be legally bound by these agreements, whether or not you are a registered user.

Put simply, the ptsx Honor Code states that, by joining a course or program on the ptsx, you will agree that you will :

  • Maintain only one user account and not let anyone else use my User Email Id/Mobile Number and Password.
  • Not engage in an activity that would demean the ptsx.
  • Not engage in any commercial use of the ptsx and its content, including material, audio, images, lecture videos, essential readings, assignments and assessments, user postings, questions, etc.
  • The content of the ptsx is not to be used in any misleading manner, and/or derogatory/objectionable context.

You’ll find the entire ptsx Honor Code here. Each course or program might also have specific agreements for learner collaboration and discussion.

If you are unable to login or see a User Email Id/Mobile Number or Password is incorrect message, make sure that you have entered the registered email address (the email address you used to register for your ptsx account) or verified mobile number (the mobile number you used to verify your registration for your ptsx account).

If you continue to see this message, you can select Forgot Password and enter the registered email address or verified mobile number under Password Assistance to receive a Security Code. 

Then, you have to simply fill out the Security Code to verify your identity to login into your ptsx account.

Common Login Problems

If you entered your registered email address or verified mobile number under Password Assistance but have not received a Security Code, check for these common problems:

  • Did you enter the registered email address or the verified mobile number? The Securuity Code is sent to only registered email addresses and verified mobile numbers.
  • Is your email address or mobile number is entered correctly? Check for errors and try again.
  • Did you check your spam message folders? Check your spam folder for a message from If the message is not there, try adding to your contacts or your approved senders list, then select Forgot Password again on the login page.
  • Did you complete the account registration process for the ptsx? To check, try registering again with the registered email address and verified mobile number. If the account does exist, a message will indicate that you are already registered with the ptsx.
  • Did you edit your email address or mobile number on the profile section of your user dashboard? In this case, login with new email address or mobile number.

If you continue to have difficulty you may reach the ptsx support by sending an email to